Hands (proof that there is a God)

look at your hands….
I mean really look at your hands
can man make anything like hands
to touch, to feel
the movement, the stillness
can man create anything like hands
to hold to care
one touch to uplift you
one hit to put you down
they can push you away
bring you in close for an embrace
rough handling can make you cry
they can wipe tears away
a gentle touch
a strong grasp
a fist to invoke violence
a fist to protect those you love
the touch of the one you wish to forget
or the one you miss the most
they introduce
they say goodbye
they hold on
they let go
hands given to us at birth without asking or want
what other proof do you need to know that a loving God exist?


May 2 2006


10 thoughts on “Hands (proof that there is a God)

      1. Personal experience , or revelation is among the very worst example of evidence . This is because it is not verifiable under controlled , or for that matter , any , conditions . You make the astoundingly arrogant assertion that a supernatural entity exists , who not only brought the universe into existence , but is also so interested in human affairs that he, ( or she , or it ) , is able to read all individual thoughts , answer prayers , reward the obedient , punish the disobedient , all the while remaining invisible and living in the sky. I believe that meets the definition of an extraordinary claim . Time to present your extraordinary evidence for that claim. I won’t hold my breath .

      2. lol you are funny. please don’t hold your breathe. oxygen is precious for the brain. you are going to need that. my poem is claim of my personal beliefs nothing that i am imposing on you. I believe God exist. I believe that hands are proof of that from an artistic stand point. that is all. every thing else is what you read into it, which is fine you are allowed your opinion on the subject. the way you choose to react is up to you too but in saying that calling something lame and irrelevant because you don’t agree then holding your breathe shows a lack of maturity and intellect. you may not need God but you do need something and i hope you find it.

  1. Still waiting . Feigning indignation and resorting to insulting me does not strengthen your assertion of having , ” proof that god exists ” . It is a common ploy used by theists when they are unable or unwilling to answer a question , and only shows that you are making unsubstantiated claims . What , exactly , are you a teacher of ? I am sincerely interested .

    1. sorry if you feel that me restating what you wrote was insulting you.
      i am a former career education teacher but as a human being we can all teach each other. and again being that it was a poem which i hope you have read since you have been commenting on the post. i didn’t claim to have proof. i said hands are proof. you don’t have to believe that hands are proof of anything. they can just be hands to you. i answered your questions i haven’t “dodge” anything that you have written.
      i am not an expert i believe what i believe. you must be looking for something or else you would not have come to my post. you must feel like you are missing something to have found my poem and had such passion to comment on it. i can’t change your belief i don’t want to and i am not trying to. i was inspired and that’s what i wrote and hope people can enjoy it.

  2. I would not have challenged you had you not written in the title of your posting ” proof that god exists ” . You did not include any preface such as , say , ” it’s only my opinion , hands could just be hands ” , you specifically stated in the title that you had proof of the existence of a god. Hands , or any other body part of any carbon based , terrestrial life form , are not proof of anything other than evolutionary adaptation through the process of natural selection . Period . End of story .

    1. you didn’t challenge anything to challenge someone they must be presenting something that will harm you or is wrong. my poem didn’t do any of those things and if it is period end of story on your beliefs you would not have felt the need to “challenge” anything. thanks for stopping by hope you will enjoy future post.

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