Monthly Archives: April 2013

Keeping busy!

Have been bogged down in finals projects but i’ve been performing and writing. new material coming soon! 

Flash Flood

when it rains it pours

but nothing can truly hit you like a chicago storm

it’s hot on the south side five people just died

none of them went in silence

shame when you think summer your mind automatically goes to violence

it’s cold at the north pole

their worries are iPhones and snow cones

while aldermen rape their extra spending money to mistreat them

but they fear the stories the metaphors and allegories of things have never seen except through YouTube

and down town is cool

high-rise above it all

clouds cover the economic fall overpaying for life

ignorance is bliss? i bet that’s nice

not judging i sometimes wish for that life

the westside for I’m riding

the west side worship Poseidon

the water washes away all we hold dear

backed up sewage drains

can’t get insurance claims the city come to condemn the house we call home

it changes from block to block

cold, wet, hot

but we all live under the same cloud of shame

i look up into the sky with tears in my eyes

fighting for a clear sky to come someday

falling flat

this seems to be a recurring theme with me

i hate to sleep I hate to dream

i want what’s better for me and mine

but hate to lead as they hate to try

i hate to hate

whatever that means

i came too late for the big plans and schemes

strength used to be easy for me

i guess true strenght needs to be tested repeatedly

hands seem chained

fig and literally

to break the bonds must God break me

was given brains and eyes to see

yet get punished without mercy when used

i feel abused because i choose

to be better than what has come before

repeating so much it become a bore

even this poem is a little flat


this is how i feel cant seem to help that

A Letter Concerning My Health

I write this letter hoping that it finds you in good health. I wish I could say the same for my being. It seems that I have been struck with a terrible affliction. Upon further investigation I have found that you are to be the cause. My mind cannot process a thought without it turning into a reminiscing of your smile. My skin is in pain as it begs for your touch to bring it joy. My lips cannot taste without yours pressed against them. My body remains cold and without purpose until given life by the comfort of your warm embraces. Yet, worst of all is my heart. My heart will not allow a single ambition to come to me unless it is of you. It stops my blood from pumping unless it pumps to be near you. For this sickness there is but one cure. You, your smile, your kiss, your touch, your words, your smell, they are my only remedy. They are all that I need to survive in this world. Without you I am a shadow in the fog. Who is to say that I am alive, if I must live without you?

with all my heart,


to change your stars you must first…..

I realized that I am free from things that have trapped me

I realized that I am healing from things that have broken me

I realized that I was walking in a path that was not meant for me

I realzed that to swim I must first head out to sea

I realized to be successful I should follow before I lead

I realized that things asked must be answered by me

I realized that being smart without education makes you dumb

I realized thats its ok to me yourself and have fun

I realized that some bonds are meant to be broken

I realized when one door closes there is another that you must open

I realized that my faults dont mean I will fail

I realized that to breathe one must fisrt exhale

I realized that its ok not to be right and be wrong

I realized its ok to not want to go back home….