A Letter Concerning My Health

I write this letter hoping that it finds you in good health. I wish I could say the same for my being. It seems that I have been struck with a terrible affliction. Upon further investigation I have found that you are to be the cause. My mind cannot process a thought without it turning into a reminiscing of your smile. My skin is in pain as it begs for your touch to bring it joy. My lips cannot taste without yours pressed against them. My body remains cold and without purpose until given life by the comfort of your warm embraces. Yet, worst of all is my heart. My heart will not allow a single ambition to come to me unless it is of you. It stops my blood from pumping unless it pumps to be near you. For this sickness there is but one cure. You, your smile, your kiss, your touch, your words, your smell, they are my only remedy. They are all that I need to survive in this world. Without you I am a shadow in the fog. Who is to say that I am alive, if I must live without you?

with all my heart,



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