there is a fundamental change when words are rearranged to become symbols

like when me myself and I isn’t enough

when taking two words that have always been there

put them together and they become


you were a girl before i meet you a friend before i kissed you

girlfriend turns all our activities into a rush

i rush to let the world know

a rush to let the worries go

a rush for our bodies to be more than just close

a rush to mark a fictional territory

a rush to complete a new story

a rush to solidify us

when the claim is not you and i

mutual friends




all words powerful that become deadly when added to


a thing that should have been pure

tainted by words we have heard, used and claimed before

now weigh  heavy on our hearts and lust

now there are words like


domestic abuse


and used

and now the worst

break and up

we had to say goodbye no matter how hard we tried

it was the wrong time to be


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