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Black Women In America, A History

may i speak to you about a history

a tale so infused with fact and mystery

that it seems to only embrace the simple things and regard the complexity as myth

when they came and took us

when the master beat, cut and killed us

we took your place of power and honor when whips and chains were brought upon us

but you didn’t flinch you held strong

you helped organize us

on your shoulders you put us

and kept our stories and strength in you for the coming harsh days

you raised the children of our enemy while teaching ours to hope and believe

you spoke up for freedom from oppression

a revolution seen as a blessing

as you served them that taxed tea in chains

you fought bravely in the civil war

you fought for our right to vote when they kept telling you no

you suffered through suffrage twice when white women said maybe for you rights would one day be alright

The ANC, Black Women’s Liberation Committee to NOW 

you pioneered the the things we take for granted and allow to be thrown by the way side

but by the side of the cause you kept in stride

and set the pace to fight for equal rights, the fight against poverty and for equal pay

we know the tale of madam cj walker we tell the tale of those who died for wanting to walk  just with their heads held high

Ida B Wells fought for us to be well how quickly we forget for that twerk vine

Zora Neale said don’t yield to their censorship so we think we free saying the word nigga and bitch

we just help to sink the ship that you held together from home to auction line

Miss Issa Rae took to the Youtube to show you that that box they put you in is not the end of you

Linda Graham publishing Isis to remind us how nice our natural is

when we finally see images of you it is not you they show

we know Cleopatra descended from Greeks but that African sun had to tan that nose

so many names great and small i wish i could name you all

for your very existence is a claim to strength

The angry black woman. The strong black woman. The unfeeling black woman. The manless black woman.

america has taken away from you just being a woman

You have depth. You have pain. You have bad. You have good. You have complexity

the warrior and mother in one

the terror of a system built to destroy you control you

manipulate and exploit you

with each and every success you have made them fail at it all

producer, writer,engineer, teacher, doctor, astronaut, pirateer

these words are insufficient to capture your statement and accomplished mission

when they made your own skin a prison

not even a fraction of what you have done is this land not home

you have made it your own

you have made it to own

america your crown and throne

Book Store

first off let me confess

i dont like libraries let me vent

to quiet to dusty to formal to me

i need to be around life because that what books are to me

man the book store

my favorite place to be

the hiding spot from so much reality

my first hiding spot the comicbook store

the tales that told the stories of those who stood up for themselves and so much more words

words better written than any book found in school and they didnt treat the smart kid like a fool

they friends that didnt leave me

and when someone got shot the hero always got them to safety

those four colored worlds prepared me to face the grey of this one

the card the statues the joy was just so much fun

and oh yea i could take some of it home

fast forward

all grown and such

but my love of the book store didnt fade as such

a lot of things came into play

school work girls responsibility

there there there was a book store

when school and work became a chore

come fond your boy lol

at the book store

tp scape to travel to read

to fulfill the desires the wants and the needs

and of course to do some other things

a safe place for me and her to be

a hug from behind as she reads a book about being lost in time

she wants to search for a bibliography

i want to make stories and moments for her and me

a kiss at the book stores coffee shop

a place where all time exist and for us can also stop

the book store

one day my words will be there

to share with other  children so weary of the worlds unfair cares

my books they will make friendships over and find life love and solace

the book store i miss so much

save me a place stay open

i will be there no rush

An Affair

this life is almost done and i haven’t seen the sun today

this was supposed to be just fun but somehow my heart got in the way

it was just supposed to be a to numb some of the pain away

it was just supposed to be a moment until you were back in his arms again

a smile that became content

a kiss that was heaven sent

a sin no one wants to be repent

a love that was doomed with regret

i wanted it

you wanted it

we fought it

we both failed

you say yes i say no

you say no i say yes

we break up just to kiss at the end of the day

that one chance hello that introduction to get to know

nothing special it happens everyday

this was just different

you told me about him i didn’t listen

i am determined did i mention

you smiled and said the cutest ok

a lunch a kiss

a movie a kiss

a dance a kiss

i know i want this you confess its him you miss but even after that i still stay

emotions collide i know what i feel inside trust issues still couldn’t keep me away

i knew what you would choose but my heart didn’t lose not a single affection even to this day

what others think i don’t care for our moments they were not there

i can’t feel bad for this wonderful love affair