a quick rant about you

i miss you

i hate that i am miserable when i think about you

i hate the fact that i have to get over you

you are the one i want to be next to

you are the one who i wish to confess to

you are the one my heart keeps choosing

you are the one that my heart keeps losing

i wish i could talk to you

walk with you

everything with you


but you

you are not good for me

you are not for me

you are no longer



this is not a poem not sure what this is tell me if you like it i may rewrite it lol enjoy

3 thoughts on “a quick rant about you

  1. This is funny to me because that is exactly how I am feeling right now. It definitely relates to me and I like it. I like the poem itself, it’s pretty good! I feel like everyone goes through an experience like this and it’s just so hard to bounce back from it.

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