This heart

This heart in not a good heart
It is a broken heart
A half healed heart
A heart that is still learning how to feel heart
This heart can’t deal
This heart can no longer understand fake from real
This heart beats with blood cold as steel just to keep from standing still
This heart is an angry heart
This heart has torn worlds apart
This heart has won and lost so much it can’t tell the two apart
This heart wants the pain to end but doesn’t know where to start
This heart misses you but knows our hearts have to part
This heart wants something new but doesn’t want to hurt another heart
This heart knows it is not a good heart


5 thoughts on “This heart

  1. This is beautifully painful. So deep…..I can literally look inside you and see your broken heart.I wonder if you will find one who will heal and mend your beautiful beautiful heart…….

  2. Amazing and so truthfully put together. People experience such things everyday, yet cannot put them into words…but you just did, and so beautifully. One of my favorite poems!

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