Day 14. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

I remember the fourth time I almost died. I had been walking around work for about three days in pain. I didn’t think much of it because I had been in some sort of pain since the first time I died. So I thought nothing of it until the fourth day of pain when the quiet place came back but I was wide awake and it scared me and I went to the hospital as fast as I could. I remember the drive with my aunt I remember our talk in the car I remember the orderly that came to the car to help me into the hospital. I remember the nurse as she put the needle in my arm. Then sounds, just sounds, beeping, crying, wheels, doors, lights, and pain the sound of pain. The next voice I heard was a nurse telling me to sleep just sleep it would all be ok. Next was my aunt telling me what was wrong and that they were preparing me for surgery. Then stuff and more stuff and quiet. Not the quiet empty place, just the quiet and I was ok I was resting. Then came the pain and I was awake and I was strapped down and I was hurt and I wanted to move and just be alive. The extra morphine the nurse gave me put me to sleep. I awoke again with my mom in the room and the doctor telling me I should be dead. Ha.


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