With honesty.

Who is Darrin?  It’s hard to say sometimes depending on his sugar level but I hope he is an honest man. I hope that in both times of anger and of great joy that he is honest. When life is a rollercoaster of emotions, financial stability, and physical well being throughout it all I hope he is honest. With honesty he will be able to find the courage to fight through the hard times.  With honesty he can insure that the giod times are bountiful.  With honesty he can be his own rock while others waiver. With honesty his decision will not weigh him down. With honesty when he accomplishes his goals and dreams he will not have to question his journey.  With honesty he can keep his demons in check.  With honesty he can turn enemies into allies.  With honesty he can learn to be a man without any male role models. If he can do all that with honesty he may be able to find happiness.


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