today’s date really dude

missed another blog posting and i was doing so well before Japan. i really dont know what’s going on but i would like to fix it.

2 thoughts on “today’s date really dude

  1. I have a suggestion that hopefully may help some. I don’t know if you have a smartphone, tablet, or ipod touch with a calendar, but you can use it to set alerts to remind you to write at a specific time every day.

    If you can learn to use a calendar to plan every day for every activity, you will see major results and changes that will benefit you long term. When I started my icstars internship, that was probably the best skill I learned that adds the most value to my daily life.

    Matter of fact, you should check out icstars. I think you would be a good fit for it, and I think you already have seen what kind of benefits it has provided for me. They take brilliant people from the inner city and expose them to great opportunities. If anything, it certainly will help you take the things you do already right now to the next level.

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