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Darrin Bradley was born in a blizzard to a middle class family in Chicago. At an early age he showed his love for the written word by reading his first book at the age of one, (where the wild things are) and writing his own monster book at the age of two. (spiders and other scary things) Darrin is an avid comic book reader and one day hopes to open his own publishing company. Darrin is currently working on his bachelor’s degrees in journalism and creative writing at DePaul University.

The long journey home

It has been way to long since I have posted. I have gone through many ups and downs, both physically and mentally. I have a ways to go bit the journey home is under way. I began writing again a few days ago and hope to back up to full speed (or the best speed I can do now) very soon! I look forward to being a writer again.


Today’s Date Better Must Do

I have been so bad with the blogs. I had to have another surgery earlier this month and it had me super down where I just didn’t want to write. I think now those are the times that I need to write more. I had taken so much pride in keeping up with my post I hate that it ist the first thing I stop doing when I feel sick or really depressed. I need to do better, hell I need to write or post on days other than Monday and Thursday. I need to have more human interaction and not be so closed of. I need to believe in myself.

Today’s Date Being Social

this weekend i truly see why my therapist says that being social is key to getting my mental health back on track. i have been feeling really down and upset that i havent been spending much time with my friends and people i really like due to many circumstances. i was sad and angry about it a lot. i just stopped talking to people and facebook kept my anger going because it showed me those friends have been out and about. i now seems really petty but it affected me. so with that in mind i made it a point to talk to as many other people as possible and make plans to get out of the house. i got sick and then had a few plans fall through but one still held up. i fought through the illness and did my best to stay positive to ensure that atleast my Saturday plans went through. its strange to me as a writer that i dont want to write about such a positive experience..i had such a good time talking and dancing and just being out with people that i didnt even really now to then have the great experience of old friends showing up at the party and catching up on years of missed time. it elevated a lot of the stress and anger i was feeling towards my friends which i believe now is mostly anger at myself for not being in a position where i can go out and enjoy myself on a regular basis i am glad i was able to go out and make a new memory. i need to do more of that.