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updates on what I am doing!


well hello there. how is every one doing? i was taking a break from here after the 30 day challenge to focus on a few things. i have submitted my first two comic book reviews for a new blog site that will be up the first of June. i am very proud of them and will of course link and share once everything is up and running. i was also beginning work as a social media manger to help a friend out but learned it may not be such a good thing to go into business with friends. meet some cool nigerian peeps through facebook and of course brought some more books, most notably the harlem hellfighters by max brooks. yes i will be reviewing that one next. besides trying to figure out what the next step is with my book and oddly enough working on the second, nothing new to report. 


Just redid the website connections. Hopefully that will cut down on the double post.

Look out for new poems next week and always watcg out for quick hits or rants!
Take care!