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No safe places

there are no safe places for me

quite a revelation as america begins to celebrate black history

if i identify as straight i must hate gays

if i am proud to be black i must hate all the other false created classifications of race

if i identify as a man i must hate women

if i call myself intelligent i must hate everyone with an uneducated opinion

cant be safe at home because its the ones that look like you not the outside racist that can do the most harm

dont say you are American because that identity is just synonymous with wrong

cant call yourself black/african/colored or negro because unless someone else names the identity of your people for you that labeling is evil

cant like sports or read books because one is lame and the other is your only way out the hood and will damage your brain

cant like more than one issue/cause or thang its not like you have a multitasking brain

there are no safe places to identify as me because wherever i turn someone wants to make me ashamed of claiming my rights/my life/my name

Black Women In America, A History

may i speak to you about a history

a tale so infused with fact and mystery

that it seems to only embrace the simple things and regard the complexity as myth

when they came and took us

when the master beat, cut and killed us

we took your place of power and honor when whips and chains were brought upon us

but you didn’t flinch you held strong

you helped organize us

on your shoulders you put us

and kept our stories and strength in you for the coming harsh days

you raised the children of our enemy while teaching ours to hope and believe

you spoke up for freedom from oppression

a revolution seen as a blessing

as you served them that taxed tea in chains

you fought bravely in the civil war

you fought for our right to vote when they kept telling you no

you suffered through suffrage twice when white women said maybe for you rights would one day be alright

The ANC, Black Women’s Liberation Committee to NOW 

you pioneered the the things we take for granted and allow to be thrown by the way side

but by the side of the cause you kept in stride

and set the pace to fight for equal rights, the fight against poverty and for equal pay

we know the tale of madam cj walker we tell the tale of those who died for wanting to walk  just with their heads held high

Ida B Wells fought for us to be well how quickly we forget for that twerk vine

Zora Neale said don’t yield to their censorship so we think we free saying the word nigga and bitch

we just help to sink the ship that you held together from home to auction line

Miss Issa Rae took to the Youtube to show you that that box they put you in is not the end of you

Linda Graham publishing Isis to remind us how nice our natural is

when we finally see images of you it is not you they show

we know Cleopatra descended from Greeks but that African sun had to tan that nose

so many names great and small i wish i could name you all

for your very existence is a claim to strength

The angry black woman. The strong black woman. The unfeeling black woman. The manless black woman.

america has taken away from you just being a woman

You have depth. You have pain. You have bad. You have good. You have complexity

the warrior and mother in one

the terror of a system built to destroy you control you

manipulate and exploit you

with each and every success you have made them fail at it all

producer, writer,engineer, teacher, doctor, astronaut, pirateer

these words are insufficient to capture your statement and accomplished mission

when they made your own skin a prison

not even a fraction of what you have done is this land not home

you have made it your own

you have made it to own

america your crown and throne