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a poem for September 10th 2015

i could easily just copy down something that i have already written

or i can be inspired by a post on instagram or twitter

see something clever on Facebook and pass it as my own

or i could give you something straight from my dome

my brain tries to maintain some sense of sanity

]but i honestly believe this reality is not meant for me

so every course and decision has be stressed

my suicidal thoughts have me vexed

because i want to fight on and yet continue on i dont want

i contradict both my actions and my thoughts

i want something better but i dont want to work no more

i want to be a success but i never leave out my house door

i wish to give all that i am to someone ‘

i wish to take all there is and share it with no one

these are my thoughts on September 10th 2015

as i fnd away to not go fill out my medical applications and forms

i wish i had something better to offer

but i just wanted to write down my thoughts with out them being judged liked or stomped on

thank you for reading

to change your stars you must first…..

I realized that I am free from things that have trapped me

I realized that I am healing from things that have broken me

I realized that I was walking in a path that was not meant for me

I realzed that to swim I must first head out to sea

I realized to be successful I should follow before I lead

I realized that things asked must be answered by me

I realized that being smart without education makes you dumb

I realized thats its ok to me yourself and have fun

I realized that some bonds are meant to be broken

I realized when one door closes there is another that you must open

I realized that my faults dont mean I will fail

I realized that to breathe one must fisrt exhale

I realized that its ok not to be right and be wrong

I realized its ok to not want to go back home….