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Day 26. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

i would like to thank victoria wilder . i would like to thank her for adding me in this 30 day challenge. i would like to thank her for coming into my life like a sudden rain storm that you didn’t know you needed until the rain began to fall. i would like to thank her for her shirts. i would like to thank her trusting me with her writing. i would like to thank her for fighting for her dreams and never ever giving up. i would like to thank her for her honesty when she is feeling down. most of all i would like to thank her for being her. thank you victoria 


pretty in peach

gorgeous in gold

a beauty in black

ravishing in red

outstanding in orange

pristine in purple

wondrous in white

vivacious in violet

grand in green

brilliant in blue

glorious in grey

the colors that she dresses in  are only complements to her skin

her full spectrum no clothes can express or contain

she is love