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Day 15. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge


insecurities. i tell you people insecurities are going to mess us up. insecurities will keep us from asking for help. insecurities will make us see others confidence as arrogance. insecurities will have us lying when the truth was no threat at all. insecurities will give power to our fears when there should have never been fear in the first place. it is sad that my relationship with a married woman may have been my most healthy relationship to date because she had few if no insecurities about herself. she didn’t lie or feel they need to lie about ours or any other situation, she had no fear of my reactions to anything because we communicated everything to alleviate any insecurities or false perception.  that is why it pains me so to see my married friends in relationships where their partner seems to have to lie about such small insignificant things. things that don’t need to be lied about which just makes one wonder about the bigs things that person is capable of lying about. being insecure no matter how much a person loves you can push them away especially if that person is being supportive and wants noting but the best for you. this post is not saying that you don’t have the right to be insecure about things, no one is perfect, but you should not let you insecurities color you thoughts and feelings about someone who cares for you. the best way to cure insecurities is to communicate and be honest with yourself and others. 


Day 4. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

PRIDE. i understand why pride is a deadly sin. a force so strong that it can overcome the passions of love and the very need to survive. Pride is that ting that can keep you from telling your best friend that you want to love them more than friends because your pride won’t let your guard down to let them know. Your pride won’t let you be vulnerable to open up your heart to let someone in because your pride wont let you hurt again. Pride will place rules over pleasure. take off your shoes instead of come into my home and let me embrace you. Pride wont let you be taken care of. Pride wont let you open your mouth to communicate what you want me to do. Pride will have you left all alone. Pride will make me lose you.