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A quick thought

I want to disappear
And let’s be clear this ain’t no suicide note
But sometimes it’s a place where there is no hope
To cope with that  can be overwhelming
You say keep fighting  but what I’m fighting for you can’t tell me
So let me disappear
Let me find a place where the smog clears
Where I can wipe away my doubt
Where I can figure out what I am about
So let me disappear and if I am truly free it is my choice if I come back here

Hands (proof that there is a God)

look at your hands….
I mean really look at your hands
can man make anything like hands
to touch, to feel
the movement, the stillness
can man create anything like hands
to hold to care
one touch to uplift you
one hit to put you down
they can push you away
bring you in close for an embrace
rough handling can make you cry
they can wipe tears away
a gentle touch
a strong grasp
a fist to invoke violence
a fist to protect those you love
the touch of the one you wish to forget
or the one you miss the most
they introduce
they say goodbye
they hold on
they let go
hands given to us at birth without asking or want
what other proof do you need to know that a loving God exist?


May 2 2006