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Day 23. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

it’s funny how the money changes situations! me and my siblings have been getting along quite well since my mother went to visit our brother on the east coast. no fighting, everything has just been chilled but a few issues with the house have come up and i have a few bucks stashed so my helped was asked. i did not mean to rhyme that but im not changing it. i have limited funds so i asked for when my money can be paid back and of course here comes all the bs about how we all need to live here and mom needs this just fixed but when i was working a steady job and everyone in this household had money saved no one wanted to listen or spend money. i was willing to help. i was willing to help when we all had steady money coming in. now im a fucking bad guy because i want to protect the little money i have. fuck you. everybody suddenly lives here and has to help when it comes to my money but when you have money there are no problems in the house that need fixing. time to start getting paid for this writing and get the away from these people. i am just sick of the double standard and hypocrisy. 

Day 13. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

everyone has a write to their opinion. that is one of the main things i like about this country but i think that statement needs to be change. it should say, EVERYONE HAS A RIGHT TO AN INFORMED OPINION! i say this because most of the post i read on facebook and twitter are people spouting out feelings and not a thought that is backed up by facts or research. over a hundred girls getting kidnapped for wanting to go to school is bad but taking that anger out on a tv show doesn’t help those girls. telling someone they should or shouldn’t be upset about racism if you have never experienced racism is not a statement that you should be making. oh and to unfriend a person because they have a different view than yours is just a true sign that you only like to hear what you want and not the truth. rant over.  pray for those girls in nigeria and if you can do more please do.