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Flash Flood

when it rains it pours

but nothing can truly hit you like a chicago storm

it’s hot on the south side five people just died

none of them went in silence

shame when you think summer your mind automatically goes to violence

it’s cold at the north pole

their worries are iPhones and snow cones

while aldermen rape their extra spending money to mistreat them

but they fear the stories the metaphors and allegories of things have never seen except through YouTube

and down town is cool

high-rise above it all

clouds cover the economic fall overpaying for life

ignorance is bliss? i bet that’s nice

not judging i sometimes wish for that life

the westside for I’m riding

the west side worship Poseidon

the water washes away all we hold dear

backed up sewage drains

can’t get insurance claims the city come to condemn the house we call home

it changes from block to block

cold, wet, hot

but we all live under the same cloud of shame

i look up into the sky with tears in my eyes

fighting for a clear sky to come someday

there is an old woman…..

There is an old woman that lives in my tree

She has a sad face that stares back at me

She was there before me

she was there when i was born

she was there when i was kidnapped

she was there when i came home

she has watched me smile

she has watched me mourn

she has seen my many sins

she has with me weathered many storms

she was tall when i was little

she is a giant now that i am grown

she has seen my secrets

she has watched my story unfold

she has seen my regrets

she has guarded my dreams

she was there to watch over me when my nightmares screamed

she has watched me learn to cook

she watched as  my pet was born and died

she has watched me crash

she has watched me fly

There is an old woman that lives in my tree

she was there when i was born

she will be there after me……….