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No safe places

there are no safe places for me

quite a revelation as america begins to celebrate black history

if i identify as straight i must hate gays

if i am proud to be black i must hate all the other false created classifications of race

if i identify as a man i must hate women

if i call myself intelligent i must hate everyone with an uneducated opinion

cant be safe at home because its the ones that look like you not the outside racist that can do the most harm

dont say you are American because that identity is just synonymous with wrong

cant call yourself black/african/colored or negro because unless someone else names the identity of your people for you that labeling is evil

cant like sports or read books because one is lame and the other is your only way out the hood and will damage your brain

cant like more than one issue/cause or thang its not like you have a multitasking brain

there are no safe places to identify as me because wherever i turn someone wants to make me ashamed of claiming my rights/my life/my name

Day 26. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

i would like to thank victoria wilder . i would like to thank her for adding me in this 30 day challenge. i would like to thank her for coming into my life like a sudden rain storm that you didn’t know you needed until the rain began to fall. i would like to thank her for her shirts. i would like to thank her trusting me with her writing. i would like to thank her for fighting for her dreams and never ever giving up. i would like to thank her for her honesty when she is feeling down. most of all i would like to thank her for being her. thank you victoria