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WE (how trying not to do something created something)

we would sit

we would wonder

we would guess

we would shutter

trying to figure out what this would be

we would think

we would blunder

we could ask

we would mutter

trying to figure out what this could be

we would ask

we would ponder

we test

we would stumble

trying to figure out what this should be

we would fuss

we would fight

we hold on oh so tight

trying to figure out how not to leave

we stare

we would glare

hoping to hope that the other one didn’t care

trying to figure out how not to be

we would push

we would pull

we would hold

we would hide

hoping that no one would see

and in the end two almost never friends become something that for a moment the would needed them to be

it held her heart

it saved his life

it made a wrong feel just right

no matter what reality seemed to be

together they were

for just a blur

a solid love

that others said just shouldn’t couldn’t wouldn’t meant to be

yet the dared for a chance to lay next to someone who cared

even if that one night was all there was

yet in between the trying

that defiance

created we