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I wrote about it

facebook status istagram post tumblr blogs and snapchat story videos

youtube shares and twitter rants i wrote about this love it seems if i tried to stop i just cant

an entire note books of poems and more than a few blogs

i try no contact but mutual friends make things hard

so i write about it people tell me to move on

so i write about her muse is so strong

so it seems that i have more than just a thing for the way that those island hips swing

it should have been just a fling just a sexual thing when i learned about her ring i should have stopped everything

we did

that didnt last long

even in denial forbidden love can be too strong

maybe some of the force was because it was so wrong

all i know is i write about it often a love i should have never had

a love i lost i should have never had

a love i lost i should have never grabbed on to

tried my hardest to hold on to

so how do i not write about it if i still long to

hold you kiss you love you

so i write about how much i miss you

so i write about how much i wish i never knew you

i write about how my heart cant seem to heal

i write about how heartache is beyond real

so i write about how low i feel

and i write

darkness becomes light and wrong is made right by the movement of my pen to paper my fingers on the keys and then i can breathe and think of good tings and hope you are happy

then i write about that

then it leads me to write about other things

so i write about it

An Affair

this life is almost done and i haven’t seen the sun today

this was supposed to be just fun but somehow my heart got in the way

it was just supposed to be a to numb some of the pain away

it was just supposed to be a moment until you were back in his arms again

a smile that became content

a kiss that was heaven sent

a sin no one wants to be repent

a love that was doomed with regret

i wanted it

you wanted it

we fought it

we both failed

you say yes i say no

you say no i say yes

we break up just to kiss at the end of the day

that one chance hello that introduction to get to know

nothing special it happens everyday

this was just different

you told me about him i didn’t listen

i am determined did i mention

you smiled and said the cutest ok

a lunch a kiss

a movie a kiss

a dance a kiss

i know i want this you confess its him you miss but even after that i still stay

emotions collide i know what i feel inside trust issues still couldn’t keep me away

i knew what you would choose but my heart didn’t lose not a single affection even to this day

what others think i don’t care for our moments they were not there

i can’t feel bad for this wonderful love affair


You dont hit me up and ask to go to lunch anymore

i guess that means that you dont want my time anymore

You dont call me up and tell me about your day anymore

i guess this means that you dont want my ear anymore

You dont wake me up to tell me about your thoughts anymore

i guess i am not your diary anymore

You dont want me to come over and play and tease you anymore

i guess that means you dont want my desire anymore

You dont want me to hold to kiss to caress your body anymore

i guess that means that you dont want my touch anymore

You dont text to let me know when u wont be at work anymore

i guess your telling me that u dont want my concern anymore

You dont invite me to come and take a smoke anymore

i guess that you dont want my highs anymore

You dont want to tell me your in trouble anymore

i guess you dont need or want my help anymore

You dont ask my opinion about the times anymore

i guess that you dont want my mind anymore

You want me to back off

i guess you dont want my love anymore

this was just this week

i dont want to see next week anymore

jun 20 2007


i didnt edit this one at all…tell me what you think!