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Today’s Date Progress mixed with a little hope.

let us start with the setup.

last week friday or thursday, forgive my time displacement, i was on twitter active in a hashtag called #BlackComicsChat (join in next month you wont regret it) and one of the topics was what got you into comicsbook reading. A flood of joyous comicbook memories came into  my head, from the first time i read a comic, to the fisrt time someone brought me a comic, to the first time i brought a stack of comics with my own money! Good times. then has the memories came in and as i read the response of others i began to be filled with anger and negatives thoughts. i was so shocked and surprised, i was having a great time, the event reminded me of why i love comics so much but why was i beginning to feel this way? why were so many bad memories rushing to the surface and trying to take away the joy that i had been feeling learning that i was not the only one who felt this way about the four colored world of heroes and villain? Depression. i think people dont realize that is how depression can take a hold on you. it can creep in on the strongest, most positive feelings and place only the negative in front of you. So i got off of twitter and took 30 deep breathes and did a few of my rethinking exercises that i learned in therapy and went back to the event. that moment was the first time where i felt that i would be ok that i knew that this was a fight that i was winning, a fight that isnt over but a fight that i am in. to those that are dealing with some of the stuff i write about and some of the issues that depression causes if you find yourself reading this, FIGHT. YOU CAN WIN!!!!

My X-Men Movie

Hey guys,

hope all is well with everyone. a few days ago i decided i needed to do more with this blog and start making better use of the categories i have set up on this page. one of those categories is story ideas, i dont know what i was afraid of, maybe someone stealing my ideas and running with it but then i realized what id someone saw them and wanted to hire me!!!! so here we go one of my old ideas about the  X3 movie i wrote maybe a week after seeing it. i hope you like it, let me know in the comments.

we open our movie looking on a military complex in a frozen wasteland, location unknown. we will back to see Magneto floating over a hill looking upon the facility. we cut to a guard walking into one of the buildings where we hear loud screams and sounds of machinery humming along. another guard address the one we are following and says “you are a bit early today aren’t you?” our guard says “actually i hope im not to late.” the guards eyes flash yellow revealing it to be Mystique! we cut back to Magneto who speaks into an ear piece and says now!

we pan over to see explosions at three of the larger buildings in the faculty. explosions controlled by Magneto. we cut back to Mystique taking out the guards and relaying to Magneto the location of three top targets and her saying im going after the heavy. Cut to Magneto talking to Sabretooth now standing next to him and saying shall we clear a path. Sabretooth growls and and beings an assault on the main gate.

now a decent size action sequence as we  cut in between Mystique taking out guards, Magneto, Sabretooth and toad assaulting troops and defending those that they have freed from the base. to reveal that Mystique has just freed the Blob and ask  him are you hungry he smiles and helps her take soldiers down. cut back to Magneto telling toad and pyro to go free mr mccoy while he and sabretooth get the angel. toad and pyro find a blue beast that has been beaten and looks to appear t have fur burned from his body. we go to Magneto and Sabretooth as the free ArchAngel and watch has he unleashes his furry on the soliders. Magneto getting what he came for and telling the other prisoners they are free bit freedom comes with a price “show me you are willing to fight for it!” they destroy the weapon x facility!

we cut to the x mansion with iceman and rogue walking through the halls putting on their combat suits the talk about how they are so late a generally catch us up with what has been going on with the x men since the end of x 2. they walk into the middle of a danger room session where cyclops, wolverine, wolverine, storm, nightcrawler and colossus are taking on robots that kind look like the avengers. professor x mentally informs the two that they are from his observation booth above the room and tells them to join in the lesson. we get some cool images of the x men using team work to take down the robot avengers and afterwards a few moments with professor x, cyclops and storm about how he would like to expand the school and even come out to the public that they are mutants,

cut to another training session of sorts where we see sabretooth putting some mutants through grueling work outs, pyro making fun of toad and blob while mystique and magneto discuss what their next attack should be and how best to use the new recruits. (lets put a hint in there that she is attracted to the blob and Magneto doesn’t like that!) we return to the camp with sabretooth brutalizing beast. sabretooth telling beast if he was more viscous he would not have been experimented on like that. beast ask other mustants about stories of the x men that they have to be better than the people that did this to them, a few agree and begin to plan their escape after one over hears about magneto’s plan.

we now cut back and forth between  beast and the escaped mutants and the activities at the x men mansion and how the team feels about the professors  plans. i think here is the time where we can have more background characters poop up like siryn, quicksilver, gambit, scarlet witch, shadow cat, jubilee and maybe one or two others from way outside of the main books. as the team and  a few of the upper classmen are starting to choose sides we hear major alarms go off and cut to see automated defense systems attack beast and the few who escaped with him. after a brief moment with that they let the new arrivals end take them for medical attention when beast tries to warn the team what is about to happen. all monitors in the school show magnetos message.

the message is one of a new mutant nation, a brotherhood of no longer being persecuted and and how they will start with the greatest of oppressors the white house! the x men are quickly sent out to confront the treat while Xavier stays behind to ten to the escapees.

a brief but brutal battle on the white house lawn between the brotherhood  and the x-men with a few indiviual fights thrown in the mix like wolverine vs sabretooth, storm vs archangel, iceman  vs pyro, colossus vs blob, nightcrawler vs toad all of this interconnecting as rouge is using borrowed powers to sae as many people as she can while mystique is killing and trying to convince rouge that she is on the wrong side. during this attack the president unleashes the sentinels that quickly take down both groups of mutants. seeing his defeat magneto does a devastating attack against the sentinels allowing for everyone to et a chance to escape but not before during the battle the presidents family is killed. in grief he orders an all out attack on the mutant population and we see just how many machines the government has been building.

the x men are attacked as they try tp reach the mansion, the brotherhood camps are attacked, we see random people who are mutants killed in the streets and then we see the x mansion attacked. with all the devastation and death going on we see a flaming bird appear in the sky and the Phoenix returns o destroy the sentinels but also all of humanity! seeing the power and devastation that she has caused and sensing her intentions xavier tries to rally all those he can to stop the the Phoenix and save the world!

huge battle jean sacrifices herself to save the day. most of the brotherhood is arrested and teh x men go into hiding but never stop being the heroes that they are

and there you have it X-Men 3: Fall of the Mutants

Day 18. A Paragraph A Day. 30 Day Challenge

as i sit here trying to go back to sleep and planning for my day at the movies. (it’s about 4:30 am) i have come to realize that i have a lot to be happy about. i have a lot to be glad i am alive to see. you think after dying so many times (see previous paragraphs) that i would express this feeling  more often . one of the many reasons i am happy to still be around is the modern age of comicbook movies!!! ok so let me tell you something about myself. I LOVE COMICS!!! i learned to read through comics. i got through a few of those deaths because of comics. my love of books and learning all come from comics!!!! when i first saw a black woman acknowledged as a queen , COMICS!!!! (storm of the x-men is still one of my favorites) when i saw people like me could be heros and not have to be white and born in new york! those books helped me escape some of the more troubling aspects of youth in the late eighties, early nineties of chicago. those books are what inspired me to become a writer!!!! so when i say i’m happy to be alive in the great age of modern comicbook movies, it is because i know for a fact that more kids will get to see the wonder and and excitement, they will get to experience things that at a young age the world tries to shut out on a much more massive scale then i did. they get a chance to see that they can be heroes too! 



a great song

a good book

a quiet day

a cool winter breeze

my family ( some of the time )

my friends ( most of the time)

a great story

an interesting idea

a good conversation

a good nights sleep

a well done comicbook

a productive day at work

a good cd

a great song

learning something new

understanding something old

going bowling for my birthday

the thought of owing a black cat, a white huskie, and a liger

having the ability to get the things i said i always wanted on my own



jan 21 2008