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Blank Page

You stare at me stare at me stare at me

i go insane as you glare at me glare at me glare at me

you were supposed to take care of care of care of me

take me away from this uncertainty

this untouched surface  is just hurting me hurting me

what happened to my path of freedom

i look at you and feel so defeated

say something back i need them    i need them

where are the words

i’m starving feed them feed them

i trusted you would lead me to something

other than nothing

i am so disgusted disgusted

emotions erupted

anger is busting looseeeeeeeeee






i see now

it was just me now

you were here waiting for me to be me now

because if i’m not that i might has well go back

to before i meet you and just forget you

you are so patient

you let me find my way through the path the pain the things i cant change to those that are unexplained until my fingers were ready and strong and steady to look past the petty and see the beauty that was waiting in you that only a few can seem to take hold of i hurt to show love till my fingers are numb and the words have come all over your surface i see now my purpose because noting is worthless if you stare at me glare at me force the truth out you will take care of me care of me you will always be there for me there for even when i get lost and confused that blank page is my muse

thank you