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Day 27. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

everyone needs an artistic outlet. if you are working in the arts you especially need an artistic outlet! having a few conversations with my friends in the arts and other fields have all come t realize that without some form of artistic expression that they don’t make money off of that they would go crazy!!! just something to express themselves without being judged. so being a chicagoan i was just wondering since we have destroyed some many art programs in school and the government funded ones. is that a direct correlation to the rise in violent crimes being done by kids in the city? 

Day 24. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

For the record i don’t like that song but i think it is a lesson that kids should learn now at an early age!!!! LET IT GO!!!! man oh man, because with life’s daily stress, plus the random things that will come a long out of no where sometimes you have to just LET IT GO. no that doesn’t mean that problems will disappear and you wont have to solve them but every once in awhile, take a deep breath and LET IT GO!!!!!