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it only seems

it seems people only pay attention to you when you are gone

only love you when they are wrong

are only around when you are strong

only acknowledge you when there is pain

only value you when there is something to gain

only apologize when they get caught

are only impressed when you are in second place

only concerned after the fears you faced

only appear after you weathered the storm

only ask how you are doing when all is gone

only find time when you need to be alone

only have an opinion until you write this poem

there is an old woman…..

There is an old woman that lives in my tree

She has a sad face that stares back at me

She was there before me

she was there when i was born

she was there when i was kidnapped

she was there when i came home

she has watched me smile

she has watched me mourn

she has seen my many sins

she has with me weathered many storms

she was tall when i was little

she is a giant now that i am grown

she has seen my secrets

she has watched my story unfold

she has seen my regrets

she has guarded my dreams

she was there to watch over me when my nightmares screamed

she has watched me learn to cook

she watched as  my pet was born and died

she has watched me crash

she has watched me fly

There is an old woman that lives in my tree

she was there when i was born

she will be there after me……….