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Random quotes and oneliners


” I rather people hate than love me. They can easily remember that they hate you. They easily forget that they love you.”

” You want to live the life you havent earned.”

” right next to the Sun Ztu i keep a King or two.
and right next to that quotes from that Nietzsche cat
then sitting over his shoulder i keep the Bible solider
so peep my readings my ammo to give you your mental beating”

” how do you measure a man? against his greatest ambitions or his base faults”

” if i did not believe in heaven i would ask is this an angel in front og me but since i believe in heaven i thank god for sending an angel on to me”

” in you i see the heavens that will be denied to me when i die”

” you know what i like about the arrogance of the damned? they already know their damned what do they have to be humble about”

they say there is somewhere to go
they say there is someplace to see
they say there is someone i’m supposed to be


…..that thing


if they knew anything it’s that i know everything and anything in between that means nothing so if something should appear that shows things aren’t as clear then that thing must be nothing at all i suppose that’s they thing when the sane thing is not the same thing as what was really the thing that started it all but the whole thing could be change if some thing could be arranged and the wrong thing was right all along yet the strange thing that i know is that when things come and go we hold on to that thing that meant it all plus if you add to the fact that some things never truly matched you may find that thing that alludes us all…..


original post Nov, 20 2012 on my Facebook page