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The long journey home

It has been way to long since I have posted. I have gone through many ups and downs, both physically and mentally. I have a ways to go bit the journey home is under way. I began writing again a few days ago and hope to back up to full speed (or the best speed I can do now) very soon! I look forward to being a writer again.

Today’s Date Better Must Do

I have been so bad with the blogs. I had to have another surgery earlier this month and it had me super down where I just didn’t want to write. I think now those are the times that I need to write more. I had taken so much pride in keeping up with my post I hate that it ist the first thing I stop doing when I feel sick or really depressed. I need to do better, hell I need to write or post on days other than Monday and Thursday. I need to have more human interaction and not be so closed of. I need to believe in myself.