Monthly Archives: June 2013

the trip

i got high as hell the other day

hoping to give my mind a rest and some play

to ignore the dumb shit i seem to produce daily

to work hard be strong get better no really

i was taught that is how you get ahead

forge through and all will be given and revealed

have faith keep standing be made of steel

yea as i watch those who dont do shit just steal

but anyway

i got high as fuck the other day

hoping to relax and just ignore all the  obstacles in my way

but rest cant even come to me in that state

while everyone gets to be dumb and blissful

for me another lesson to learn was on the way


i got high as a kite taking flight on the moon the other day

i felt my body break and shatter into a billion pieces

all without a place all shattered through time and space

i felt every tug and pull every splash and crash

i felt every single moment and why they never last

the presents the multiple futures the discarded pasts

i felt the first grain of sand that became glass

i saw the decision that i made from good to bad

i felt the stars the clouds and the ants

i saw science in its purest form of magic

life i felt it i was it i was afraid

i battled with myself to be myself

and then cried when i saw the end when there was nothing left

pull myself pull myself back together

struggle to find my focus

fighting and fighting to pull myself back together

wanting a release form the trip

i feel hopeless

struggle fight to return to what i know

and what i know feels so worthless

tug yank punch pray to be the me i know that resides where this earth is

back together again  fractions periods and commas i don’t know them

back in the body that betrays me time and again

bu now i sleep rest think in the only place where hope is lives


why words should work

i want to write something new that will affect the soul

i want to write something that will let my emotions grow

i want to write how i feel just to let you know

but all i get is  fuck fuck fuck

can i write something that shows love to my family

write something that feels good to me

i want to write about love without feeling heart broken

write about my dreams without being awoken

why aren’t my words working

freeing me from these walls

i want to write to express myself

i want to write to see the places i haven’t seen

i want to write to take care of myself

write to fulfill my dreams

these words should work for that

these words should work for me

or because of the power in these words

i should be doing the working