Monthly Archives: December 2013

This heart

This heart in not a good heart
It is a broken heart
A half healed heart
A heart that is still learning how to feel heart
This heart can’t deal
This heart can no longer understand fake from real
This heart beats with blood cold as steel just to keep from standing still
This heart is an angry heart
This heart has torn worlds apart
This heart has won and lost so much it can’t tell the two apart
This heart wants the pain to end but doesn’t know where to start
This heart misses you but knows our hearts have to part
This heart wants something new but doesn’t want to hurt another heart
This heart knows it is not a good heart

thoughts while smoking a cigar 12/6/13

i am a walking contradiction/the walking dead/drowning  in air while im fishing

the son is bright but wont shine on this black skin

i gotta take a 1800 shot in the morning to stop me from mouring or u might take one shot to the dome just to stop the pain of thinking about you

before i got sick i used to love the cold now/now i cant stand outside in 20 degrees below/ is this gods way of telling me to come out of the dark/ but what other place is there when facing another broken heart

i wish i was as talented as childish gambino/and if i am who will ever get to see it though

i dont think i would have a problem selling my soul i havent had a use for it since i was twelve years old

cancer will be the last illness i get and i know i wont fight it

typing will warm these cold fingers but can it heal a fractured mind a broken heart and a weary soul

when i walk in the house i wish it was my house with my wife and my kids and that those things never belonged to someone else before me

i know i can do more but what more am i doing it for

mandela died at 90 something how man mandela’s at died at 20 something


i wish i had a crew like frank sinatra where i can just call them up get creative and get it poppin

its cold