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Day 25. A Paragraph A Day: 30 Day Challenge

someone once told me they have trust issues because of the weather in chicago. i have trust issues because of my mother and father. one didn’t stay stay long enough to see my her grow. one let me get kidnapped before i was one years old. i know, i know the past should be the past but it’s hard when path gets turned around for things that weren’t in your grasp. like not being able to tell your day that you need him. you try to talk to your mother like she is people but it’s rough when she can’t even hear the metaphors when you try to explain your core reasons. the reasons why you see things so different. that you dream of things that make you want to be different. all she sees is her fears and calls her actions protection. when what she is doing is allowing more barriers to be erected. that would be fine if she didn’t then stand in your way when you try to take them done. thats why i no longer care for mother’s day when it comes around.